Milliman MedInsight® is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, and has been adopted by payers, purchasers, providers and other healthcare clients. Additional MedInsight products include solutions that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations, as well as individual tools that can address specific business needs.


MedInsight’s analytics are used by many types of healthcare organizations, including health plans, at-risk providers/ACOs, employers, third-party administrators, state Medicaid agencies, and multi-payer coalitions. Common use cases for which MedInsight is used include cost and utilization analysis, employer group reporting, population health management, care management, quality and efficiency measurement, and avoidable events and services.

Front Health: Maximizing the Value of Your MedInsight Data

  Learn how our client, Front Health, is using MedInsight products. In this webinar, Front Health will provide examples on how to track organizational performance across KPIs, and improve business using MedInsight’s Chronic Conditions Hierarchical Group, and MedInsight’s Health Cost Guidelines Grouper. Additionally, they will demonstrate how to measure the impact of clinical programs (e.g. care management) with data from MedInsight and statistical analysis. 

About Front Health: Born from providers, Front Health is a healthcare services company that focuses on high-value capabilities that enable providers and payers to succeed in value-based care. 




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